Enter our Crowdfunder to Win a Signed Coldplay Guitar and Help us to Build our New Hospital!

We have been extremely fortunate to have been donated a signed guitar by Coldplay band members. This is absolutely genuine as we know one of the bands backstage team members who has had this especially donated to us.

It’s an incredible opportunity to take part in this Crowdfunder with a chance to win this collectable guitar.

We have set a reserve price as we are sure you can appreciate we need it to raise the money it is undoubtedly worth. If we do not reach the reserve everyone will be refunded and we will have to auction it off. However, we are confident that this will easily sell out.

The cost for one entry ticket is £5 and there are options to purchase more. Anyone in the UK can enter – if you enter from overseas additional postage will apply if you win. You must be over 18 to enter.

To enter, please click on the link below – good luck!

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