What Can I Do?

There are lots of things that you can do to help our hedgehog friends. By becoming familiar with the tips and guidance information outlined below will enable you to give hedgehogs the best chance in life. Or for more information, please visit our frequently asked questions FAQ.

Hedgehogs in your Garden

Make your garden Hedgehog friendly with a wildlife area.

Make an escape route from your garden pond with a ramp or shallow area.

Always check overgrown areas before using garden machinery particularly strimmers and mowers.

Take care when using a garden fork or spade in overgrown areas and the compost area.

Slug pellets are poisonous and will kill Hedgehogs. Please do not use them.

Take care with fencing, wire and netting.  Keep it off ground level.

Check through your bonfire thoroughly before lighting.

Never feed hedgehogs milk based food or drink.  A shallow dish of water is much appreciated by visiting hogs particularly in dry weather. 

Cover any holes or pits that a hedgehog may fall into.

Hedgehog Highways

Make a highway in your garden fence. See www.hedgehogstreet.org for further information.

Sign up to a petition to make compulsory Hedgehog Highways in all newbuilds.

Talk to neighbours and encourage your community to create a hedgehog friendly neighbourhood

Hedgehog House

Install a Hedgehog house or feed station in your garden.
Make your own or they are available to purchase from us. Please contact us for more information.

Notice any unusual Hedgehog behaviour?

They should not be out during the daytime (an exception is a nesting female Hog with babies to feed). If unsure always seek advice (telephone Judy or any wildlife rescue center). Quite often a poorly Hedgehog can easily be saved and returned to the wild with early intervention  

Be Dog Aware

Dogs most likely to attack hedgehogs are Terriers, Lurchers and Huskies, however any dog has the potential to attack and cause serious injury or kill a hedgehog.  

It is an extremely traumatic experience not only for the hedgehog but also for the dog owner. 

*putting a light on 5 minutes before letting your dog out at night can help 

*consider making a dog free zone or highway through your garden

*put your dog on a lead at night in your garden

 *Unfortunately once a dog has attacked a hedgehog they are more than likely to do so again

Become a volunteer

We are looking for Autumn/Winter overwintering volunteers. Loan hutches and full support are provided with a strict release policy. For more information, please contact us

Food, Drink & Access

Never give hedgehogs milk based products.

Leaving out a shallow bowl of fresh water is a most welcome drink-stop on a nightly forage.   

Hedgehogs will need to visit ten gardens a night to feed – consider making a hedgehog access gap or ‘highway’ between neighbouring fences.