About us

by Judy Oliphant – Founder

 For more years than I care to recall, I have been bringing injured animal and birds home to nurse back to health and release back into the wild where they belong.  

Over recent years we have become busier and busier especially with hedgehogs.  These little iconic creatures are suffering a huge decline for many reasons.  Anything we can do to help them, we must, or in just a few years there will be none at all.

Up and down the country there are many people like myself and my long suffering partner, who quietly go about helping all the animals and birds we can.  Those involved in hedgehog care are usually registered in the British Hedgehog Preservation Society’s  database.  This list of people includes their contact details and postcode so you can be put in touch with someone in your area.  

We are now formalizing what we do and have recently gained Charity status. We hope that this is the start of a long and successful journey and whatever the future holds we will continue to help our spiny friends.

At the moment we nurse them at home and have facilities  to soft release them prior to returning them to the wild.  We always try to return them back to where they were found or as close as possible.  Sometimes this is not possible and we have  to find an alternative site.

We firmly believe that all wild creatures are just that, wild.  If we have one too poorly to survive or not able to live the life it was destined to live we have it painlessly put to sleep at our lovely local vets, Dart Vale, who give us lots of help.

I give talks to schools and other groups, this is an amazing opportunity to get people  involved and looking after their little patch to encourage wildlife.  Please note: I am often asked, but I do not bring hedgehogs with me as they are wild, nocturnal animals and any human contact causes them stress.

Thank you for looking at our website

​Judy and Alan

Team Helpers and Hedgehog Heroes

Other Organisations who provide valuable support and information

British Hedgehog Preservation Society
Vale Wildlife Hospital
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