Hedgehog Hospital Care

'Biscuit' -ready for release

Prickles in a Pickle

 Boost  your donation by 25p of Gift Aid for every £1 you donate 

If you are able to Gift Aid your donation please go to the donations page and complete the interactive Gift Aid Declaration form 

All donations go directly towards helping the rehabilitation and release of hedgehogs into the wild 

Hoglets initially abandoned by Mum -successfully reunited  

Bills incredible journey

Beauty and her babies were involved in a strimmer incident and came into Judy's care during the summer 2020.   

Sainsbury's Shopping. Dartmouth PiaP Charity drop off point


from rescue to care & repair.....

Beauty's babies in the PiaP safe garden before their final release into the wild

Kindly made and donated by Ali

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Where there's a Huff there's a Hope

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