Lydia’s Spine Tingling Close Shave!

Lydia Barnard has been growing her hair since January 2024 and in September she will be having it all cut off to raise funds for Prickles in a Pickle Hedgehog Charity which takes in over 1300 sick and injured hedgehogs a year, run by volunteers.

Lydia says:

“We had hedgehogs in our garden when I was a child and I have always loved them. We are lucky enough to have them come into our garden now, and we love watching them after dark. I saw an advert asking for volunteers for South Devon Hedgehog Hospital a few years ago so I started helping there. I switched to volunteering at Prickles in a Pickle when that hospital sadly closed. At the hospitals, hedgehogs come in with various problems which result in them losing their fur and spines, so me shearing my hair doesn’t seem such a hardship in comparison to them, and a bad haircut is temporary, but the photo’s will last forever. I know how hard Judy and Alan work to raise funds to keep the hospital running, so please give generously as every penny will go towards the care of this endangered species.

These are such beautiful harmless creatures which are a gardeners best friend. They are the nations favourite wild mammal and yet are in such dangerous decline. Prickles in a Pickle makes a real difference and last year took in over 1300 sick and wounded Hedgehogs. They are run by all volunteers and each Hedgehog on average costs £40 each whilst in their care.

Thank you for your support. Lydia”

If you would like to donate, please click on this link:

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