Volunteer Xmas Meal

We had our volunteer Christmas meal on Saturday 9th December. Many thanks to all those who generously donated to our fundraiser for this. A wonderful evening was had by all at the Sportsmans Arms near Dartmouth.

Judy commented after the event:

“Well I am certainly still a bit fuzzy around the edges that’s for sure. Lots of mixed metaphors and fuddled words going on. Thanks to all who donated towards our volunteer Christmas dinner. 49 of us enjoyed a magnificent evening at The Sportsman’s Arms and the silly award ceremony was out done by the volunteers’ silly award to me!

I was done up like a kipper!

I also have a hedgehog onsie to wear when I am out in the hospital making a start on the poorlies and washing up dishes as I have been scaring them all in my nightie!

We have admitted our 1058th hedgehog this year. Goose who was found on a road in Plymouth this afternoon is 325g of skinny, starving and exhausted hedgehog and is currently eating all put in front of him.”

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