We’re on The One Show Monday 6th March!

Look out for us on The One Show on Monday 6th March! We had an awesome day on Saturday when The One Show came to shoot an item about hedgehogs emerging from hibernation early. The lovely Gillian Burke (of Springwatch fame) and her crew spent the day with us.

The amount of work that goes in to putting even a small piece of film together is immense and I am totally awestruck with the patience and attention to detail given by the crew and the knowledge and input by Gillian. The volunteers who were here on the day: Lydia, Paul, Sally, Liz, Pippa and Matilda, all starred and you will even get some footage of Alan, bless him!

Lets hope that if even one person helps a hedgehog it will raise awareness for the creatures we take in and the work of rescues across the country.

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