Bills incredible journey

Bill (or Belle as he was known for a couple of months!) came to Judy and Alan with an horrific strimmer injury which had sliced his  back from one rear leg to the other.  Once admitted and assessed (s)he was taken to Dartvale Vets for examination under sedation.  Claire cleaned and debrided and stitched the wound then back to Judy for rehabilitation. Antibiotics, pain relief and daily wound washes continued for some time with some touch and go scares with reinfection and concern over one rear leg and whether Belle/Bill would be able to live a fully functioning life in the wild.

May 20th 2020 – Bill has made a full recovery he weighs an impressive 850kg and is undergoing the release programme  he will be back into the wild by the end of May.

A truly inspiring story of care and repair and release for one more little Hog.

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